Lisp at Gartner Group report on Common Lisp


The Gartner Group's 1995 report on LISP technology identifies Common Lisp, which includes CLOS, as the only ANSI-standard object-oriented programming language. According to this report, Common Lisp meets all of the Gartner Group's "must-have" and "should-have" criteria for object-oriented languages.

The report indicates that ANSI-standard CLOS has seen tremendous commercial growth during the past two years because of its suitability for rapid application development, high productivity, portability and sophisticated user interface design capabilities. Further, CLOS has demonstrated tremendous scalability for complex, enterprise-wide applications.

According to the report, as rapid application technologies capture the attention of a new generation of information technology professionals, CLOS continues to attract a loyal community of the highest quality developers.

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Last update : 16/11/2000