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Lisp providers

The Franz Inc. Home Page
(Common Lisp compilers for Unix and Windows, trial versions for Windows and Linux)
Xanalys Home Page (formerly Harlequin)
(Common Lisp compilers for Unix and Windows, free Lisp interpreter for Windows and Linux)
Gold Hill Inc. Home Page
(Common Lisp compiler for Windows)
Digitool Inc. Home Page
(Common Lisp compiler for Macintosh)
Autodesk Home Page
(AutoLisp and Visual LISP for AutoCAD, see also LISP Library & CAD Shareware)

... And many others, for a complete list, see Common Lisp Implementations

Some free Lisp implementations are also available, like CLISP.

Academic sites

Some well-known universities are very active members of the Lisp community.

  • Carnegie Mellon University provides a free Common Lisp implementation (CMU Common Lisp).
  • The M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory develops CL-HTTP, the Common Lisp Hypermedia Server.

    Frequently asked questions and newsgroup

  • The comp.lang.lisp FAQ
  • The comp.lang.lisp newsgroup
  • comp.lang.lisp Browser on DejaNews
  • Other ressources

  • Association of Lisp Users
  • Common Lisp HyperSpec(TM) (a Common Lisp Reference Manual in HTML format)
  • Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition (CMU)
  • Lisp Implementation of the Java ObjectStream

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