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In this document, the Lisp word usually refers to the ANSI standardized Common Lisp language (ANSI INCITS 226-1994), even if references are also made to other dialects of Lisp.


What is Common Lisp?return to summary

Common Lisp (CL) is a general purpose and very high-level programming language that supports imperative, functional and object-oriented programming style.

Some of the attractive features of Common Lisp are:

For more information about the features of Common Lisp, see What is Lisp? and a discussion about myths and wrong opinions associated with Lisp.

Why Common Lisp?return to summary

Thanks to its stunning power of expressiveness, Common Lisp offers a technological advantage to its users.

The following articles show some of the advantages of CL over mainstream languages like Java and C++.

Applicationsreturn to summary


More examples on these sites: ALU (Industry Application and Success Stories), Franz, Lispwork.

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Lisp implementationsreturn to summary

For a complete list of free and commercial Lisp implementations, see ALU

Some Common Lisp vendors offer free, more or less limited versions of their commercial products:

On-line Lisp books and coursesreturn to summary

   On-line documents in French

On-line Lisp Reference Manualsreturn to summary

Lisp booksreturn to summary

There are many good books about Common Lisp. Here are a few of them:

More Lisp books (ALU).

Frequently Asked Questionsreturn to summary

The following FAQs are no longer updated but still useful:

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